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Tuesday Bantering: Pompey's catch, Buehrle ' interview

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn't see Dalton Pompey's amazing catch last night here it is:

I'd love to watch catches like that daily.

Scott MacArthur has a lengthy interview with Mark Buehrle.. It isn't as revealing as the Colby Rasmus one, but there are some little bits that are interesting. He said that "true colours come out at the end of the year whenever, at the end of the year when things aren't going right." , so we can guess he's a Cyndi Lauper fan.

He went on to say:

There are people on teams on every year that you play that just, I don't even know the word to say but there are people that get like that whenever things aren't going right. They just kind of have this attitude about them, showing up late, not really wanting to do anything. I don't know, it's just kind of everything combined but it happens on every team when you're losing and everything. It happens. It ain't just like it's happened on this team. I think it happens every year.

Talking about Colby? So you're not looking for a retirement tour of any kind where you get gifts from each and every opponent?

BUEHRLE: No, no, I think you know that. The whole reason I'm not going to announce anything is because I don't want to have to deal with the media every time you go to a new city where they're going to, that city's media is going to want to talk to you about retiring.

Mark, may I say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Go listen or read the rest of the interview.

Jeff Blair wonders if winter ball would be the cure all for Ryan Goins' bat. I don't understand what he thinks 150 at bats will do that 2294 in the minors didn't do, but fine, more work is rarely a bad thing. I really don't think there is any thing you could do, over one winter, that would turn him into a hitter.

Vice Sports tells us that MLB's metal detector policy is what 'terrorists winning looks like'.

Fans mostly seem to have taken the new regulations in stride, grumbling only a bit at the prospect of longer delays to get to their seats. But better safe than sorry, right?
Well, sure. Except that according to those who've actually studied security measures, there is zero evidence that metal detectors are going to make anyone safer. In fact, it's even possible that new security measures could make sports fans less safe.

Last night's Game Thread had 598 comments. Pikachu led us to victory. Great job.

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