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Sportsnet signs Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler for 5 more years. Goody.

five more years....frig.
five more years....frig.
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

So there was this:

And all I can think is "really?".

Five years....

We have five years of 'big and strong' being the pinnacle of baseball analysis.

Five years of being told the other team 'plays the game right'.

Five years of 'he's a ball player'.

Five years of the mute button being my best friend.

Five years. The longest contract that the Jays would consider offering a player and they give it to Buck and Pat.

Five years. 810 regular season games. Roughly a 55000 mentions of Derek Jeter.

Five years of raspy laughing at each enough.

Five years of Pat repeating what ever Buck just said and pretending it is analysis.

I'm so looking forward to it.