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Poll time: Who will play center field for the Jays next year?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Center Field is one of the several spots wide open for the 2015 Blue Jays. Let's have a poll, who do you think will play the most center field for Blue Jays next year.

Anthony Gose: You know, Gose looked very good, earlier in the season, I thought he was making the point that he should have a full time major league job next year. In May he hit .295/.380/.364. Small sample size and all (just 52 PA) but I was feeling good about the idea of his defense in CF and his speed on the base paths, since it looked like he had figured out how to get on base. The rest of his season hasn't been good. And his late season tryout time has even been worse. In August and September, he's hitting .185/.239/.284. No matter how good his defense is, we can't carry a bat like that. In all he is hitting .223/.311/.288 with 2 home runs, and 15 stolen bases. At some point the Jays are going to have to decide what to do with him.

Kevin Pillar: Pillar has had an up and down season too, the most notable moment was when he got pissy with Gibbons. He is actually having a pretty good time in this latest call up. In August and September he is hitting .278/.325/.444 and he's actually taken 4 walks. If he could hit like that next year, I'd be happy with him in CF, even if he isn't as good with the glove as Gose. He's hit lefties (.302/.326/.465) much better than right-handers (.232/.264/.348).

Dalton Pompey: Dalton has had a terrific season, starting it with Dunedin and finishing it in the majors. He's the youngest of the 3 at 21 and he's only had 183 at bats at Double and Triple-A, but Gibby seems to like him. He hasn't had many at bats, since his call up, just 28. He's hitting .179/.281/.286 but hit his first MLB home run. He could start the season in Buffalo and finish it up with Toronto. He's looked great in the outfield. This was likely the best catch we've seen all season:

There really isn't much of value for free agent center fielders this season. Colby Rasmus looks like the best choice and I don't think he'd come back, even if we were to want him.

There is always the chance of a trade sometime over the winter.

Tell us who you think will play the most center fielder for us next year/