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Chad Jenkins out with a fractured hand

Chad Jenkin's season is over.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

A sad way for Chad Jenkin's season to end:

Yesterday R.A. Dickey was hit in the head by a ball hit during BP. This time, it sounds like Jenkins was trying to catch the ball:

Chad was up and down, I don't even remember, 6 times this season? I still think someone needs to develop a phone app to tell me if Chad is up with the team or not. He was successful when he was up with the team. In 21 games he had a 2.56 ERA, Going 31.2 innings, he allowed 34 hits, walked 6 and struck out 18. In Buffalo, he pitched in 21 games, starting 4. In 44 innings, he allowed 45 hits, 9 walks with 27 strikeouts.

Not a good end to his season, but he can look back and know that he did a good job for us. Unfortunately for Chad, I think he has an option year left, so next year he might spend as much time on the highway between Toronto and Buffalo than he does at in Toronto.

Minor Leaguers updated graph: