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Colby Rasmus homers in the 10th, Blue Jays finish sweep of Rays

Colby Rasmus homers in the 10th to give us the win.

Praying for the lights to go out won't help you Joe.
Praying for the lights to go out won't help you Joe.
Brian Blanco

Blue Jays 1  Rays 0

We had three absolutely amazing performances today.

  • 8 great innings of work from Mark Buehrle. He allowed just 5 hits, 1 walk with 4 strikeouts. He had 2 double plays turned behind him. And he had 12 ground outs, with just 2 fly outs. He really deserved a win but we couldn't score for him.
  • Brett Cecil loaded the bases, in the bottom of the 9th, on 2 soft ground ball singles and an intentional walk to Evan Longoria. I'm not a big fan of the intentional walk, but that was one I agree with. Then Brett struck out the next 3 batters. That was just a wow moment.
  • Colby Rasmus, coming off the bench, a day after being told he was going to be sitting so the young guys can play, hits a home run in the top of the 10th.
And then Casey Janssen gets the save. Even with some gamesmenship from Jose Maddon, arguing with the umpires during a challenge by Gibby, so that Janssen couldn't throw and stay warm during the delay. Janssen looked much more like the Janssen we have grown to love, hitting his spots, even if he did walk one. Even on that, he threw ball 4 right to the spot he had gotten a strike call earlier in the at bat.

Our offense did nothing, until Colby's home run. We only had 5 hits, and no walks all game.

Gibby tapping Munenori Kawasaki to pinch hit for Ryan Goins might have been the strangest moment of the season. I'm not sure the thought process there, when we have a bunch of extra bodies. It didn't work, Muni popped out. But then he did make a very nice play in the bottom of the 10th, going far to his left to get to a ball, spinning and throwing on target to second for the force out. The almost got the double play. Gibby challenged the call, but the umps had it right with the safe call.

We almost got our first look at John Mayberry, Jr. but Maddon bought in a RHP, Steve Geltz, Gibby put in Rasmus.

Jays of the Day: Buehrle (.517 WPA), Janssen (.179), Cecil (.124) and Rasmus (.353).

Suckage Reyes (-.153, 0 for 4) and Cabrera (-.132, 0 for 4).

Source: FanGraphs

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