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What to do with Colby Rasmus?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Colby Rasmus is the topic of the week.

What the Jays really should do is build a time machine, go back to the end of last season and trade him. He had trade value then. I'd imagine that if anyone had offered anything at the trade deadline, or, if anyone on August 31st had said 'hey we'll take him off your hands and won't charge you anything', he would be gone.. But, since no one took him, they had to figure out what to do with him.

Their plan, bench him.

I don't know it is a good idea or not. I think that of him, Anthony Gose, Kevin Pillar and Dalton Pompey, Colby is the one that is most likely to get hot and carry the team for the last month, I think I'd use him until the we were officially eliminated. I do wonder if last night's game will buy him a start or two.

Maybe a few games on the bench will do him some good. He seemed to be playing very casually in the outfield. I don't know if he was taking his batting troubles into the field with him, or if the losing was getting him down and effecting his defense.

His offense hasn't been great, .228/.289/.449 slash line. He has 17 home runs. Shi Davidi has a post talking about the shift, and how it is hurting his numbers. His BABIP is down from last year, .294, from .356 last year, but then maybe he was overly lucky last year and that's just evening out this year. He's also striking out more this year, 32.0% compared to 29.5% last year.

The easy line is 'he should start hitting the other way', but then it is a lot easier to say than to do. Erasing years or training doesn't happen over night. And, as we saw last night, he can hit the ball a long way when he pulls it.

Colby seemed to fit really well with Chad Mottola. Maybe he's not meshing as well with Kevin Seitzer. I hate blaming or crediting coaches for what players are doing. It is up to the player to figure things out. Coaches can help but it's up to the player, but Colby had a rapport with Mottola. Sometimes Seitzer seems like a one size fits all coach. We tried the genius batting coach once a few years ago, Gary Denbo. That didn't seem to work out, it is hard to get players to take a total change in philosophies over a season.

He's not going to be back next year, so I guess use the other guys and see what we have there. but the team's best chance to go on an improbable run and get that last playoff spot might be Colby getting hot, hitting us half a dozen home runs over the last 23 games.

But then Gibby is closer to the team than I am and he knows what's going on behind the scenes. If he thinks it's best that Cobly sits and the other guys play, well then ok.

I don't know what motivates Colby (or really if motivation is his problem). I get the feeling that he's not that worried about his next contract. I imagine that he figures he has enough money from his last contract for anything he needs.I don't know if there is anything his coaches could  Maybe losing his job for a couple few day was enough to motivate him.

Anyway, what do you think? Should the Jays play Colby? Would he be the best bet to help us get on the kind of run that would get us into the playoffs?