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Melky Cabrera finished for the season with finger fracture

Jim Rogash


So sad. Man that one hurts.

Melky Cabrera left tonight's game against the Red Sox in the sixth inning with an finger injury of some sort. Back in the third inning Cabrera was picked off first base by the Sox catcher and seemed to hurt (maybe jam) his hand while diving back to the bag. Next time up to bat, leading off the sixth, Melky swung at a pinch and looked to be in a lot of pain. He came out of the game and Anthony Gose finished the at bat for him.

We've been told:

I hope he's just jammed it and will be back quick, we really need him if we are to make a run at the playoffs. Melky was hitting .330/.348/.457 with 16 home runs. in 138.