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Bad blown save for Casey Janssen, Jays lose in 10

Jim Rogash

Blue Jays 8 Red Sox 9 (10 innings)

That was just an awful bottom of the 10th. 2 soft ground ball singles. A bunt popped over the head of a charging Juan Francisco at first. I don't know why he was so far in, if he wasn't that would have been an easy out and maybe a double play. Then another ground ball single, scoring one. A sac fly to Kevin Pillar. At first I thought he had a play at the plate, but he was smart to keep the runner moving up from second. Tie game.

Then it really fell apart. David Ortiz hit what either could have been a double play ball to end the inning, or, at worst, should have been an out, but Steve Tolleson flipped it backhanded into the runner going to second. Very hard to believe. An error at the worst possible time.

Then Casey went to a full count on Yoenis Cespedes and Yoenis launched one deep to center field. Game over.

I don't know what to think of Casey Janssen. He got ground balls, which we should like, but they avoided our fielders (a lack of range didn't help) or, when they went right at a fielder, he messed it up. The only really hard hit ball was Cespedes shot to end it. But he wasn't good.

A lot of stuff happened....I'm sure I'll miss some.

On the pitching side:

  • Drew Hutchison battled through 6 innings, He wasn't great but he battled.He gave up 6 hits and 3 earned and had 6 strikeouts.
  • We had our first look at Brandon Morrow. He was hitting 98 on the radar gun and looked very good. He got 2 outs and gave up a single. I thought he should have been left in longer but Gibby went to
  • Daniel Norris to face David Ortiz. He struck him out. I thought Norris might pitch longer, but Gibby, maybe rightly, wanted Norris to come out on the high of getting Ortiz.
  • Kendall Graveman came in, to start the 8th,  gave up a single to Cespedes and was pulled.
  • Aaron Loup just didn't have it tonight. he gave up 2 singles and a double, letting Graveman's runner score plus 2 more of his own runners before getting out of the inning. He came into the game with us up 6-3 and left with it tied.
  • Dustin McGowan fought his way through a scoreless 9th.
  • And then Casey's inning.
    On the offensive side:
  • We got 2 in the first. Hard hit singles  by Melky Cabrera and Jose Bautista were followed by a 2-run single, by Adam Lind.
  • 2 in the 6th. Anthony Gose, hitting for Melky Cabrera, after Melky left mid-at bat with what turned out to be a broken finger, single and Bautista homered.
  • 2 more in the 8th. Reyes singled and 2 outs later, Edwin Encarnacion homered.
  • And 2 in the 10th, which should have won it for us. Edwin singled, with one out and Gibby pinch ran with Marcus Stroman, a move I didn't like, at the time. John Mayberry. Jr., in his first at bat with his dad's former team, doubled. Then Stroman scored on a soft ground ball to Pedroia at second, great read on the ball, and great slide into the plate. Then Danny Valencia hit a sac fly to right, Mayberry scored all the way from second. Right fielder Allen Craig apparently forgot how many were out and was slow throwing the ball back in. It was close at the plate, Farrell challenged, but Mayberry was safe.

As noted, Melky left the game with a broken finger. He hurt it diving back to the bag at first, when he was picked off by the catcher in the 3rd inning. He stayed in the game until he batted again in the 6th. Melky swung at a pitch, was in a lot of pain, and had to come out of the game. X-rays showed a break and he's done for the season.

Gibby pinch running Pompey for Ryan Goins, in the 9th, after Goins doubled, turned out to be a mistake. Gibby was going for the lead there, but we didn't drive Pompey up and we didn't have Goins in the field in the 10th when we really, really needed him.

And we should have let some of the relievers, in the middle innings, pitch longer. Morrow and Norris, in particular, should have pitched more. It is easy to say after seeing the game, but when you use a lot of relievers, you will hit on the ones that don't have it that day.

Jays of the Day: McGowan (.140), Bautista (.187), Encarnacion (.149), Mayberry (.217), Lind (.122), Navarro (.120).

Suckage Janssen (.906, though not all his fault, has to be shared with his defense), Loup (-.362), Pillar (-.179, 0 for 5, had a couple of hard hit balls, but nothing fell for him). I'm giving one to Tollesson too, when we needed him to make a play, he didn't. That was a bad error.

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