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Poll: Who will play left field with Melky Cabrera injured?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I'm wondering who the Jays will have replacing Melky in LF.

I think the right move is a platoon of Colby Rasmus and John Mayberry Jr. but I wonder if the Jays will want to ask Colby to play in left or if they want him to play at all, considering it is just a couple of days after they told him that he was sitting on the bench. It is a lot to ask Colby to play a position he hasn't played since 2009. Well, I don't think it is a lot to ask, bu[t the team might.

There are a lot of ways it could go. They could play Anthony Gose in CF and Kevin Pillar in LF and finish out the season like that. I think isn't the right move but it is a strong possibility.

They could put Colby back in CF and platoon Gose and Pillar in left field. Again the wrong move but I can see it happening.

They might just give the spot to Mayberry and see what he can do.

They might give the spot to Dalton Pompey and see how that goes.

They might platoon Pompey and Mayberry (though it looks to me that Pompey hits lefties better than right-handers) while leaving Gose and Pillar in CF.

I thought we'd have a poll, before the Jays post this evening's lineup: Who will play the most in left field over the last month of the season? Not who should, but who will. (Just wait until we get into 'who will bat second for the Jays?' Please Gibby, not Munenori).