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Colby Rasmus hits another pinch hit homer, but Jays lose

I like seeing Colby smile
I like seeing Colby smile
Jim Rogash

Blue Jays 3 Red Sox 4

Bad defense and bad offense costs us another one.

The idea to pinch run for Edwin Encarnacion, after he singled to lead off the 8th, was the wrong move. Course if one of  John Mayberry, Danny Valencia or Kevin Pillar could have hit, then it could have been the right move. Of course, Edwin's spot in the order came up in the 9th with the tying run at second and, sadly, it was Juan Francisco who was in that spot. A checked swing roller ended the game.

J.A. Happ wasn't good but then he could have had some help from the guys with the gloves. Happ fought through 6 innings, allowed 7 hits, 3 walks, striking out 5 and allowing 4 runs. That got him the loss.

Aaron Sanchez and Brandon Morrow each pitched a scoreless inning of relief, each throwing heat.

On offense, we couldn't do anything much against Sunscreen Boy, who's hair was particularly greasy. We got a run in the first, Edwin singled, Adam Lind walked and Dioner Navarro singled to drive Eddie home. Then, after a Pillar single to lead off the second, Buchholz got the next 12 Blue Jays out. Jose Bautista had a lead off double in the 6th and Edwin followed with a walk, but we couldn't score.

We got 2 in the 7th, Danny Valencia was hit by pitch and Gibby brought Colby Rasmus in to pinch hit for Ryan Goins. Farrell brought in a lefty, but Gibby decided to leave in Rasmus (what a dumb more) and Colby hit a home run (and it worked) to make it a 1-run game, but that was it for scoring.

It is pretty amazing that Rasmus has hit 2 pinch hit home runs since being benched.

Jays of the Day Navarro (.138 WPA), Edwin (.131) and Kawasaki (.132).

Suckage goes to Reyes (-.205), Francisco (-.142), Lind (-.120), Pillar (-.119). Valencia had the number, -.135, but he was rung up twice by the idiot umpire on balls that were well off the plate and I think he deserves a prize for not going postal on the ump.

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