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Blue Jays 2015 Regular Season Schedule

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have released their 2015 schedule.

We start the season April 6th in New York (Easter Monday) playing the Yankees, then off to Baltimore. Our first home game is April 13th, hosting the Rays. We have the Rays, Braves and Orioles in the first home stand.

Of note we have a home game on Victoria Day, facing the Angels. Canada Day we are at home facing the Red Sox. The August 3rd holiday Monday we have the Twins in town. Labour Day we are in Boston.

For those of you who love watching pitchers bat, June 1 we start a three game series in Washington. Also, in June we have a four game, home and home series with the Mets, the games in New York are the 15th and 16th. August 18th and 19th we are in Philadelphia and September 15 we are in Atlanta.

The longest home stand is in May, playing 10 straight at Rogers Centre. May 18th through 27th we play 4 games hosting the Angels, 3 with the Mariners and 3 against the White Sox.

Correction....We have three 10 game home stands. One in April, the 13th to the 23rd against the Rays, Braves and Orioles. The one in May mentioned above. And one starting July 28, stretching to August 6th, facing the Phillies, Royals and Twins. They also play a 9 game home stand in September, starting on the 18th, facing the Red Sox, Yankees (I'm sure we'll be giving goodbye presents to someone) and Rays, before going out on our last road trip.

The season ends with a 7 game road trip 4 games in Baltimore, 3 in St. Petersburg facing the Rays, the last game of the regular season is October 4th. Our last 16 games are against AL East opponents.

Link the link below to see the full schedule and play your trips,

2015 Jays schedule