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Jays score in bunches, beat Cubs 9-2

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs 2 Blue Jays 9

You have to love late game rallies. We scored 9 runs without the help of a home run. Who says we can't score without home runs.

I'm glad we finally got Mark Buehrle a win. He worked hard tonight, going 7 innings allowing 10 hits but just 2 earned, I'm not sure if he was good or if he was lucky.

It looked like he was going to get a hard luck loss. We were down 2-1 going into the bottom of the 7th, but we got 8 runs in the last two innings. We got 3 in the 7th to finally take the lead, Jose Bautista had the big hit a 3-run double.

And then we got 5 more in the 8th.Amazingly Adam Lind had a triple in there. I think that is more surprising than us scoring 5 runs. Of course, back in August, 5 runs would have been a good week.

We had 14 hits on the day. Bautista and Kevin Pillar had 3 each. All the other starters had 1, except for Anthony Gose, but then he was pinch hit for after just 2 at bats. He doesn't get a stern look from me for trying to bunt with two strikes and, of course, bunting foul for a strikeout. I hate that.

Jays of Days are Bautista (.377 WPA), Kawasaki (131), Buehrle (.146).

Suckage goes to Valencia (-.173, who had an up and down day with the glove) and Navarro (-.106).

I'm supposed to be doing other stuff, so we'll fill in the details later.