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Your 2015 Baseball-Related New Year's Resolutions

I am not a fan of new year's resolutions--partly because I am so bad at keeping them--but I go with the flow and make a few every year for the fun. My resolutions for 2014 were:

Improve my writing and decrease the mailed-in post : real post ratio. Complete. I just ended up writing way less overall!
Attend a Major League Baseball postseason game... whether or not the Blue Jays happen to be playing in October. Incomplete. I did purchase Blue Jays postseason tickets though, so partial credit?
Visit Manchester, New Hampshire to watch the Fisher Cats play. Complete. I went during the August long weekend and got to see Johnny Anderson, Daniel Norris, Dalton Pompey, and Derrick Chung.
Visit Boston and watch a game in Fenway Park. Complete. Same weekend as above--saw five games in three days! Even stopped by briefly in Syracuse for a pitch or two at a Chiefs game.
Be less frustrated at dumb plays and Blue Jays losses. Complete. Unfortunately there were points in August where I just stopped caring about Blue Jays losses.
Be less frustrated at Blue Jays analysts and talk-show hosts. NOPE
Be less frustrated at Darren O'Day. Complete, I guess. I thought about Darren O'Day like four times the whole season.
Listen to more Lansing Lugnuts baseball as called by Jesse Goldberg-Strassler. Complete. Seven is more than three, no? I even sat in the booth for half a game when I visited him and Trey Wilson this summer.
Keep up with updating the Blue Jays roster tree subway map. Complete. Really proud of myself there (latest here).
Drink beer and eat steak while watching baseball. (I'm allowed to have one easy one.) Yup. Many times.
Learn R to do fancy-schmancy stats stuff. Incomplete. I bought books (including the one recommended to me in the comments) and enrolled in online courses and everything too. Most disappointing incomplete for me.
Read more baseball and non-baseball books. Sort of. I have read more non-baseball books but probably not more overall compared to 2013.
(Not baseball-related) Scuba-dive. Complete! I went diving among the colourful fish in El Nido's (Philippines) coral reefs.
(Not baseball-related) Perform a Supperjump that involves eating food from Waffle House. Incomplete. I still have yet to visit a Waffle House.
(Not baseball-related) Floss regularly. Hahaha whoops no.

I actually completed one more resolution that I didn't make until later in January: to eat at least three new animal species (different types of fish excepted). I added horse, whale, puffin, and snake to my list. Thank you, Iceland, for the first three. I also managed to do a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't even expect to do a year ago today like drinking with Jonah Keri, going to PITCH Talks, watching Eric Thames play a game in Korea, visiting the Hall of Fame and seeing the Toronto Blue Jays in first place, watching all 19 innings of an 19-inning game in person, getting a cease-and-desist order from the MLBPA, and getting to "warm up" in the Rogers Centre bullpen during the FanFest. It was a pretty good year.

How did you all do on your 2014 resolutions? I know that ClintB got to see games in Toronto. How about the rest of you? What is your new target to having beers with MartsB, e&n4e?

Here are my 2015 baseball-related resolutions; I'll keep it short this year:

  1. Attend a Major League Baseball postseason game--failing that, a Minor League Baseball postseason game.
  2. Get really drunk in Montreal during the Blue Jays-Reds exhibition games
  3. Visit Chicago and attend the SABR 45 convention (June 24-25)
  4. Organize a Bluebird Banter party in Toronto
  5. Score (baseball games) more often.
  6. Continue to improve my writing and make better contributions to this blog.

So, what are yours?