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Russell Martin would like to catch R.A. Dickey

Maybe we won't see any more of this.
Maybe we won't see any more of this.
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Shi Davidi tells us that Russell Martin wants to catch R.A. Dickey.

"I'm preparing that it's going to be my job," Martin said Saturday prior to Baseball Canada's annual awards banquet. "Really, I don't know why I shouldn't. If I can catch the guy and be in the lineup, put me in the lineup, you know?"

Wouldn't that be great? We wouldn't have to see Josh Thole out there every 5 days.

Of course, J.P. Arencibia told us that he was looking forward to catching Dickey, that plan ended after one game. And Dioner Navarro said he'd like to catch Dickey, but, thankfully, that didn't happen.

It would make it a lot easier to keep Navarro if Russell could catch the knuckleball. I don't mind the idea of a starter having a personal catcher, catchers do need days off, so having a guaranteed day off every 5 works for me. If Navarro was the backup catcher,  I would make him Mark Buehrle's personal catcher. They seem to work well together.

If Russell can catch Dickey, it certainly wouldn't hurt, we'd have a much better line up with Russell in over Thole. You'd think the offensive edge would be worth a win in Dickey's 32 starts.

I had planned to ask which starter you all thought would be helped out the most by Russell's superior defense, but Dickey might be helped the most by Russell's bat. if the Jays do decide to let him catch the knuckleball.

I had figured that Drew Hutchison would be the one helped most by Martin's framing skills. Fake Teams, on the other hand think that Marcus Stroman is set for a 'breakout season'. Marcus did have a couple of games against the Yankees, where he couldn't buy a strike on a close pitch. I tend to think that had some to do with the Yankee Stadium strike zone.

Shi also notes that Marin became the 7th member of Baseball Canada's 'Wall of Fame' (though Baseball Canada calls it Wall of Excellence). Other's on the Wall are Larry Walker, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, Ernie Whitt, Ryan Dempster and Jason Bay. I do kind of think that this sort of honor should wait until after a player's career is over.