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Blue Jays sign Michael Saunders and Marco Estrada, exchange arbitration numbers with Danny Valencia and Josh Donaldson

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


The Blue Jays couldn't come to terms with Josh Donaldson and Danny Valencia, so they will be exchanging numbers and going to arbitration, unless they come to an agreement with each on multi-year deals (as per the team's self imposed rule). I really can't see them wanting to go more than one year with Danny Valencia, so I'm figuring our annual mentions of Bill Risley may be coming to an end.

Two down, Jon Heyman tells us (how come he gets told half an hour before the Jays PR department sends out the news?):

So with Cecil signed yesterday, we are waiting for Marco Estrada, Danny Valencia and Josh Donaldson.

MLB Trade Rumors guessed that Saunders would get $2.9 million, so the Jays have $25.000 to put free pop in the pop machine in the clubhouse. Though, since J.A. Happ is making $6.7 million this year, they have a bigger savings. Saunders hit .273/.341/.450 in 78 games for the Mariners last year, I'd be very happy if he hit much the same for us, in more games.

Which one comes next?

Apparently it is Marco Estrada, who signed a 1-year, $3.9 million contract. Trade Rumors thought he'd get $4.7 million, a big saving for the Jays. Now, unlike the Mets, the Jays won't be charging their players to attend their workout camps.