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Happy Birthday Tom Dakers!

Pretty sure this isn't Tom.
Pretty sure this isn't Tom.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the special day where the man, the myth, the legend Tom Dakers grows another year older. No one is quite sure how old Tom is, but we know he's been running the show at Bluebird Banter longer than some of us young folk have been alive. There's actually been cave drawings discovered that show Tom writing yet another September recap during a losing season from hundreds of years ago!

Our collective gift to him is that he doesn't have to write another article about Dan Duquette as the rest of the writing staff will share that burden from now on.Tom is spending the day at the Blue Jays luncheon in Calgary meeting many fine folks from the organization and maybe some (most) that don't know who we are.

Since it's always nice to get a real gift on your birthday, here's a reposted picture from two years ago when Bob Elliot wished Tom a happy birthday. Based off Elliot's math, Tom is 31 years old young today which must be nice.


On a serious note, without Tom running things Bluebird Banter would certainly not be what it is today. When everyone else feels like tapping out on another playoff-less season, Tom leads the charge to keep the content coming which is certainly beneficial in the long run. I personally would still be would be just a lurker of the site if Tom hadn't given me a chance to start writing and then let me grow into my role. So Happy Birthday Tom! Hit the town tonight and don't worry about the site for a day!

P.S. We're still waiting for that drunk post we voted for a few years ago! Unless you've gotten so good at it that all of them are drunk posts!