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Jeff Hoffman for Dan Duquette?

In case you were not on Twitter last night.

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

So, I took a trip through LinkedIn last night, perhaps after a few drinks (no, I don't have a drinking PROBLEM, whit79)...

I cope by finding the jokes in this situation.

Ed Rogers, the Oriole

Did you know that Ed Rogers once played for the Orioles? Isn't this kind of a conflict of interest??

Eddie Rogers

Does he look familiar? Well he should--he is Esmil Rogers' older brother (really).

Latest Dan Duquette readings

  • From Richard Griffin (former PR guy for the Expos, hey, that fact is actually relevant with this story!): "...if [Duquette] stayed [in Montreal after being pursued by Boston] his heart may not be in it and he would not be able to do the job to the best of his abilities."
  • From Andrew Stoeten: "But what’s there to even say anymore, really? Don’t do this? Stop? Stop saying this? This is stupid? Stop doing this dumb thing? Seriously, don’t? Even you can’t possibly be this dumb? Why isn’t this stopping? Just stop? Even Richard Griffin is telling you to pack it in? Like… [frig]? Honestly, STOP?"
  • From Shi Davidi: "Such a hefty package would not only defy, but totally obliterate previous precedents in compensation packages for managers or executives under contract changing clubs."
  • From Bob Elliott: "...Beeston boarded a flight to Vancouver to carry out his presidential duties at a Vancouver Canadians function on Friday. Beeston had best hope he had a round-trip ticket from Rogers before boarding."
Follow Friday

  • @EdwardSRogers: Not verified but I am 92% sure this is Edward Rogers III's personal Twitter account.
  • @rogerrai1: Again not verified but I am 99.4% sure this is Roger Rai's actual Twitter account. Rai, if you recall is Ed Rogers' good buddy and Rogers' "sports consultant. Roger and Rogers went to meet the Yankees' president to ask them who the Blue Jays should hire as their next president. So this whole Dan Duquette thing could just be a way for the Yankees to mess up two of their division rivals.
  • Cool fact: Roger Rai follows 603 accounts. He follows Andrew StoetenDan DuquetteTom DakersTao of Stieb, and this parody account, but not yours truly. :-(
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