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New Commissioner Rob Manfred could eliminate defensive shifts

Today's entry in silly ideas.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a ESPN interview that he 'would be open to eliminating the defensive shift'. I really don't understand what he thinks he's going to do? Chain the third baseman to third base? Keep the shortstop on the third base side of second? Center fielders have to play on a direct line behind second base?

He complains that 'smart people' are always going to find away to find competitive advantages. Ummmm, right, we shouldn't allow smart people to gain an edge. What's his next idea? Smart managers have figured out that bunting is rarely a good move, we should force teams to bunt if the leadoff hitter gets on in the first inning? Maybe we should get rid of the pitch out to allow more base stealing.

It seems to be a strange starting point for a new commissioner. Why float this particular balloon?

He also talked about  length of games. I'm not a big fan of pitch clocks, but I wouldn't mind if baseball could get rid of some of the stalling that some of the teams do to allow relievers longer to get ready. I'd also wouldn't mind then insisting batters stay in the batter's box during at bats. I would likely continue to push pitchers, while they are in the minors, to keep up a good pace, so that, when they get to the majors, they don't do their best Steve Trachsel. I don't think it is fair to insist that current major league pitchers change their ways. What they do now is how they got to the major, I think it would be unfair to expect them to change now.

I wouldn't want to try to make big changes to the 'pace of game' all at once. Maybe little changes here and there and, hopefully, over time bring the length of games down a bit.

Anyway, if you were the new commissioner, what would you want to change?