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Tuesday Bantering: Paul Beeston links

Dear SB Nation, we are going to need to find more pictures of Mr. Beeston.
Dear SB Nation, we are going to need to find more pictures of Mr. Beeston.
George Pimentel/Getty Images

I'm very happy that the Beeston/Duquette saga is over, at least for the moment. And I'm hoping that we don't have to talk about it again for a long time.

Since the Jays sent out the press release about Paul Beeston's signing came so late yesterday, everyone is reacting to it today. Here is a cross-section of reactions:

Paul Beeston was on Jeff Blair's show. Among the things he said were:

  • The Jays have a good relationship with Rogers. "I don't think we are dysfunctional at the present time." Ask again tomorrow.
  • If the Jays found a player they wanted, Rogers would fork over the money.
  • The good thing about it all to Paul was that getting to hear all the nice things said about him.
  • He still, even though he's a lame duck, has the authority to fire Alex and Gibby if he wanted.

Bob Elliott didn't try to hide his dislike for how this all happened.

And on the 51st day of silence Rogers Communications did something really unique - they actually communicated.

They went from Rogers Un-Communications to Rogers Communications in a five-paragraph press release which arrived at 6:51 p.m. on Monday.

The most interesting part of his story was:

You mean the Paul Beeston - not his son David Beeston, a lawyer with the Boston Red Sox - that Ed Rogers phoned around looking to replace?

He phoned Beeston's son looking to see if he would replace his dad?

Ken Rosenthal figures that both the Orioles and Blue Jays messed this us. No kidding.

I want to hear Orioles general manager Dan Duquette explain how he will mend fences with an organization that he spent several months trying to bolt.

And I want to hear Blue Jays chairman Ed Rogers explain why he is "elated" that Paul Beeston will return for one more season as president and CEO after ownership spent several months trying to replace him.

It really should make the 'State of the Union' night interesting. I get the feeling we won't be hearing from Eddie Rogers, at least on this subject.

The Baltimore Sun had their own look at the situation.

Well, at least we've heard from the Blue Jays, who officially announced that Beeston will stay for 2015 and then retire after the season, allowing the club more time to find his successor. Hopefully, the Blue Jays, who are owned by one of the largest communications companies in Canada, can plot a more tactical path this time. They botched this one from the beginning.

One of the largest?

Scott Stinson, in the National Post, wonders if the courtship of Duquette, a GM type himself, means that Rogers has already decided to fire Alex.

So the long-term picture is very unclear, but Toronto fans can take solace in the fact that ownership didn't cave to Baltimore's demands and give up valuable top prospects for a new executive. That's a bonus. And, hey, these are Toronto sports, where "it could have been worse" is a clear victory.

I get the feeling the Eddie Rogers reign is going to be an interesting time.