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Thursday Morning Sporcle: Name the Blue Jays' Johnsons

Not brought to you by Johnson & Johnson

This Johnson did not play with the Blue Jays
This Johnson did not play with the Blue Jays
Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

The Blue Jays' all-time roster have more Johnsons on it than any other surname, so here is a quiz to find out how many of them you can name.

Do you snicker at the word "Johnson"? For your information the Blue Jays have also had a seven Willies (Willie Aikens, Willie Blair, Willie Cañate, Willie Fraser, Willie Greene, Willie Horton, Willie Upshaw), four Dicks (R.A. Dickey, Dick Davis, Dick Scholfield, Mike Bordick, and Dickie Joe Thon in the minors), a Wang (Chien-Ming Wang), and a Rod (Rod Barajas). Of course, don't forget Steve Cummings and Woody Williams. Yes, I am 12 years old.

Just click the green "Play" button below and start entering the players' first or given names.

Show off your score in the comments below. When discussing possible answers be sure to black them out with the "Spoiler Text" function (click the rightmost icon between "Message" and the text box in the comments, or hit Ctrl-F when typing).

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