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Blue Jays making a 'strong push' for Ronald Belisario

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Our Thursday rumor of the day comes very very early in the day:

Belisario had a rough time in 2014, putting up a 5.56 ERA in 62 games. In 66.1 innings he allowed 78 hits, 18 walks and 47 strikeouts. He was much better in 2013 (3.97 ERA in 77 games) and 2012 (2.54 ERA in 68 games.

He's 32, right-handed, big guy (6'3", 240). He throws hard, averaged 93.9 on his fastball last year. Pretty much a fastball/slider pitcher.

We really could use another right-hander for the pen, I guess Belisario is as good as any of the guys that are left out there on the free agent market (at least among those that would fit in the budget that the Jays have left).