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Sunday Open Thread

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

I really don't have anything I'm wanting to write about, so I thought we could have an open thread. If nothing else we can talk about Team Canada's World Junior game. Or the NFL Wild Card games.

The closest thing we have to a rumor is that Nick Cafardo says the Blue Jays are one of seven teams to to 'have had discussions or shown interest' in James Shields. I'd like to ask Nick what player in baseball have the Jays not had discussions about? Alex talks about everyone.

Not that I'm against going after Shields. If they did get him (yeah I know, they won't) then Aaron Sanchez would definitely be in the bullpen this year. I don't think that's terrible, if they use him in a middle relief role, where he could go 2 or 3 or more innings on occasion. That way the team could watch his innings and he could fairly smoothly go into the rotation if needed.

Beyond that, there doesn't seem to be much going on. Even as far as rumors go.