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Tuesday Bantering: One-liners

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Some morning one liners:

  • Bob Elliott's list of 101 most influential Canadians is out. At the top of the list? Edward Rogers, on the strength of trying to remove Beeston from his post, apparently. Number 2 is Justin Morneau. I have no idea how he comes up with this list each year, all I know is my name is never on it.
  • Last year we used 7 different second baseman. If the over/under is 5.5 which would you bet? Lets have a poll?
  • Going along with the last line, Munenori Kawasaki played the most innings at second, who gets the most innings this year?
  • Does Jose Bautista add to his total of 37.1 innings at second?
  • Why is it that my favorite teams always have trouble finding second basemen? My Expos had some terrible ones, over than a couple of good seasons from Delino DeShields. I mean, Rodney Scott? What were they thinking?
  • Who's your bet for Jays surprise player of the season?
  • With the Hall of Fame announcement coming soon, I've realized that the only one I'll be sad about is Tim Raines.
  • Who else thinks that the reason Rogers wants to get rid of Beeston is that he keeps talking about real grass and Rogers has already decided that it can't be done, or that it can't be done for an amount of money they would be willing to pay?
  • As much as real grass would be great, more beer choices at Rogers Centre is something that should be fixed right now.
  • Would there be anything funnier than watching Dioner Navarro try to play first base?
  • 4 years ago yesterday Roberto Alomar made the Hall of Fame. Time flies.
  • I'm still debating: is it worth $150 to go to the luncheon in Calgary that is our little part of the Winter Tour?
  • Speaking of spending money, i'm looking into flights to Montreal for the two Jays games there. Who else is going? Who would like to go for a beer night together after one of the games?
  • I wish I could write a song as good as Cover Me Up, Jason Isbell.
  • If you could have a no trade clause in your MLB contract, what team would you have on it? Me Yankees.
  • Who would you be happiest to see make the All-Star team this year? I'd pick Drew Hutchison.
  • Snow fall warning for Calgary. I should have stayed in the Bahamas.
  • If there is former Blue Jay I wish I could go back in time and watch again, it would be Dave Stieb.
  • That game last night must be in the top ten of the most exciting hockey games I've seen.
  • When will the Jays give us some real news to write about again? Soon please Alex.