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Top Bluebird Banter Posters of 2014

2014 was a very good year for the our site, if not really for our team. Visits and page views were way up over 2013 and comments were up more than 2.5 times over 2013.  You guys really do amaze me by taking posts and making them so much more interesting by having great conversations in the comment threads.

We had 1351 front page posts (not counting game threads) in 2014, down some from 2013 when we were above 1500 posts (is it any wonder that sometimes I sit staring at the computer wondering if we have finally said everything there is to say about the Blue Jays?). I'm coming up to 6000 career posts myself, which scares me.

Here are some leader boards from last year:

Most Comments

Pikachu              20749 
e&n4e                 19889 
Kraemer_17       17059 
MjwW                   13947 
Tom Dakers       12059 
Strik3r                  11957 
ABsteve               10035 
Alan F.                    7482 
Spor                        7165 
T-Ball                       6292

Congratulations Pikachu. Let's see, 20749 posts, 365 days in a year, that's just under 57 a day. Last year's leader bumped his total up by more than 6000 comments and drops to second. I'm 2000 comments up from 2013 and drop from 3rd to 5th. I'm thinking I need to go on PEDs to keep up with the younger commenters.

As always, if you want to get on this list for next year...well, you can see want you need to do. Most of the ones on the list are GameThread regulars, that really bumps up your comment count.

Most FanPosts:

King Kelly                 20
T-Ball                         19
K931                          14
haganenodan          12
Kraemer_17             10
Spor                             7
JaysSaskatchewan   6
Johnny Mac's Mitt      5
junior_felix_jr             4
nickgarciataria           4

Great job King Kelly, a two time champion.

We had a lot more FanPosts than in the past, but we can always use more. I love reading them. They are a great way to share your opinions.

Top Fanshots:

Tom Dakers                         34
hansdampf                             6
radivel                                     4
JaysSaskatchewan               4
Goldenhawk99                       3
e&n4e                                       3
Raffa                                         2
JaysCraze                               2
mattenglish                              2
bluejaysstatsgeek                   1

Yeah, the FanShots are a problem, buried at the bottom of the page. I have an edge, as I can put mine on the front page. If you do have one that you think is particularly good, you can always send me an email ( and I can put it up on the front page.

Thanks all, and if you want to see your name on our leader board next year...well you know what you have to do.