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2015 AL East champions: the greatest moments part 1

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The Toronto Blue Jays have done it. After twenty two years of mediocrity, unfulfilled promises and worse, the Blue Jays are going to play in the AL Divisional series as AL East champions. And this group of players has earned it, they have played so incredibly well, especially in the second half, that there are no doubts about the Blue Jays deserving the AL East championship.

The three Blue Jays sluggers of doom
The three Blue Jays sluggers of doom
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

To celebrate the clinching of the AL East championship, let's revisit the biggest home runs, the greatest hitting performances and the best fielding plays of your 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, starting with the likely American League MVP.

Josh Donaldson

Not only was this one of the greatest catches of the year, at the time it kept the perfect game by Marco Estrada alive, it was a game ultimately decided by just one run (in the 12th inning), so a very clutch play by Donaldson helping his pitching get an extra out.

Donaldson has many, many notable performances at the plate, but this 4-for-4 day including a walk-off three run home run takes the cake. Incredibly, Donaldson would homer off Robertson again the very next day to tie that game up 3-3, but the Jays would lose that game 5-3 in extras innings.

Both Statcast and Hit Tracker agree that this is Donaldson's hardest hit blast. It's a thing of beauty.

Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista may have lost a bit of speed in the outfield, and his shoulder has given him problems, but he showed against the Yankees that he can still throw out speedy runners with his cannon of an arm.

Technically Jose had a higher WPA in several other games. But given that this pair of home runs played a huge part in winning this game against the Blue Jays' big AL East rival, I think we can call this Bautista's biggest impact at the plate. It has been weird to see the great Jose Bautista no longer being unquestionably the top hitter on the Jays, but he's still one of the league's top hitters and a great pleasure to watch.

This is without a doubt Bautista's hardest hit home run this season. Boy, Jose crushing balls out of the park never gets old. And he seems to like hitting against the Angels, does that mean we should root for them to win the Wild Card?

Edwin Encarnacion

Josh Donaldson has made a bit of a habit of hitting walk-off shots, but Encarnacion is no stranger to the big hit, either. This bomb off Marlins closer A.J. Ramos was huge. Ramos has a solid 2.37 ERA on the season, unfortunately for him Edwin Encarnacion does not care one bit about who he's facing.

I don't feel like you could describe this home run in words if you ever had to tell someone about that time that Encarnacion took Brian Matusz deep.

With three of the major league's top hitters in the lineup, it's only fitting that all three of them have hit one home run that just blows your mind. Which is your favourite Blue Jay bomb?