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Ryan Tepera takes injured Brett Cecil's roster spot

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Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays are replacing the injured Brett Cecil with Ryan Tepera.

I know people were suggesting that they should use Mark Buehrle in Cecil's spot but I don't think Mark would be a good choice for a reliever, not that I really want to see Tepera in an important moment of the game. I would imagine it would take Mark long to get warm and get ready to go into a game than you would like for a reliever.

And Mark doesn't have the lefty/righty splits, you would like from a LOOGY. This year, RHB hit .275/308/.430 while lefties hit .290/.319/.469, so I don't really see the point in putting him in to face left-handers, as much as I'd like to have another southpaw in the pen.

Tepera has reverse splits this year, in a very small sample size, LHB .137/.254/.314 (in 51 at bats)  , RHB .235/.246/.500 (68 at bats). I wouldn't read anything into that.

I hope we win a couple of blowouts so that Tepera can come into a game without me panicking.