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Sunday Bantering: David Price

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Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal tells us that the Jays could use David Price in relief in game 4, should we get there. It really isn't news, it is win or go home, so anyone could be used tonight, tomorrow and game 5.. Pat Hentgen called it "Johnny Wholestaff". And that's what we'll have, no one will be ruled out.

Course, Rosenthal also tells us that Price could:

  • start game 4.
  • relieve in game 4.
  • relive in tonight's game
I really think there will be game time decisions, if Gibby figures he is needed, he'll be in the game.

I do like the idea of Price in the pen, since we are without Brett Cecil. He could be a lefty that could go an inning or two, or more if needed. Loup would only go an inning at most and really would just pitch to lefties.

Beyond that, there is little for news today. I guess it is news that Dioner Navarro will be catching Marco Estrada. They seems to work well together, so I'm ok with it.

And, I'll just say, that tackle by Chase Utley should get him a suspension. I can't believe baseball would be so stupid as to award him second base for that. It's hard to believe. I'm all for hard slides into the base at second, but a)he didn't slide and b) he didn't go to the base. I don't like jumping over the base to hit the second baseman and I don't like tackles. Open field tackles are for football. But, I'm sure Pete Rose will be telling us that Tejada shouldn't have come out of the game any minute now.