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Put Kevin Pillar really close to your body with this t-shirt

Kevin Pillar stars in Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance of Personal Safety On Outfield Dives)

Buy this shirt!
Buy this shirt!

We've all seen the fantastic outfield plays Kevin Pillar has made this year--his reaction time, range, and efficient routing has, in part, turned a 979th round pick into a 4.3 WAR player. Although I would contend that his best overall catch was the one when he climbed the wall on Jackie Robinson Day, his most visually stunning catch came during the last week of the regular season at Tropicana Field:

Pillar saw the ball off of Luke Maile's bat, reacted right away, ranged far to his left, then spread his wings, and goes fully parallel to the ground flying several feet while simultaneously catching the batted ball with the tip of his outstretched glove.

So to commemorate that I've been working with a cool startup company from Washington DC called "Breaking T" to create this t-shirt that you can buy for $23 (USD). Orders are filled at a screenprinting factory and are made fresh and immediately dropped off to be shipped out to you.

Link to purchase t-shirt

Yea all the memes with Kevin Pillar wearing a superman cape is cool and all but he is a member of the Toronto Blue Jays so why wouldn't he have blue jay wings? The best part is that we have gotten the product approved by the MLBPA so this is 100% legit and will not be taken down by their lawyers.

When you click on this link to buy the t-shirt Breaking T records Bluebird Banter as the referrer and so we will get a bit of money from each sale so if you choose to get a t-shirt please do choose to use that exact link. The money will come directly to us (more precisely to me) so none of it passes through SB Nation or anyone else's hands, and it'll go, in part, to funding all the cheese doodles we consume in a baseball season.

Thanks a lot for your support and we hope you like it. If we're successful with this shirt, I'm sure we will make more. Who (or what) would you like to see on next shirt?