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Jays win ALDS Game 4

Game 5 Wednesday.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 8 Rangers 4

Well, that's the perfect game...a Jays win, with a ton of issues to talk about. Unfortunately, I have supper waiting so I can't talk about them all.

Good news...Jays bats were great (at least for the first 3 innings).

We had 12 hits, 5 walks and 3 homers.

It started off perfect. Ben Revere put down a great bunt single and Josh Donaldson followed with a home run. Then a Colabello home run put us up 3-0, before the Rangers had their first at bat.

Second inning: Kevin Pillar hits a solo homer.

Third inning: Donaldson walk, Jose Bautista double followed by a Edwin Encarnacion ground out (Bautista tried to go second to third but Elvis Andrus decoyed him and got him at third), scoring Josh. Colabello doubled bringing home another.  A Russell Martin walk and a Pillar single and we were up 7-1.

One more run in the seventh got us to 8.

RA Dickey picked 4.2 innings, allowed 5 hits, 0 walks, 3 strikeouts, with 1 earned. And with a runner on first and 2 out in the 5th and Gibby brought in David Price. I would have left Dickey in for at least another batter, with a 6 run lead.

David Price went 3 innings, threw 50 pitches. Allowed 6 hits, 3 earned, with 2 strikeouts. He came out of the game with 2 on and Aaron Sanchez got the last out of the 8th, with a nice strikeout.

Roberto Osuna pitched a very quick 9th.

Jays of the Day: Donaldson (.159), Colabello (.108) and Pillar (.092).

No suckage Jays.

Bring on Game 5.