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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

During Sunday's game, amid all the silly things he said and the rather stupid joke about Canadians, Harold Reynolds said something I very much agreed with. He said that one of the reasons that the Jays had a better time hitting Sunday (and presumably Monday) is because of the far more consistent strike zone.

I think that was a very fair point. In the first couple of games, the strike zone wasn't very consistent and some of our batters voiced their displeasure. I think there are a lot of Jays batters that do have a good grasp of the strikeout zone and when they feel the zone isn't consistent, they start coming out of their normal swing. They will tend to chase pitches off the plate worried that they will be rung up.

Sportsnet is putting the press conferences of John Gibbons and Marcus Stroman on TV this afternoon. We can use this thread to discuss.

• John Gibbons News Conference, 3:15 p.m. Eastern  on all Sportsnet channels
• Marcus Stroman News Conference, 3:30 p.m. Eastern

And today's NLDS games are on Sportsnet too.

Cards at Cubs at 4:30 Eastern.

Dodgers at Mets at 8:00 Eastern.

And, Baseball America tells us that Todd Redmond and Steve Tolleson have 'elected free agency' (I didn't even know free agency was on the ballot). No surprise there. I kind of doubt Tolleson would consider coming back after he and the team had a disagreement on an injury.