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Jays win a wild one, Jays are going to the ALCS!!!

Down 2 games to none, Jays come back to win the ALDS.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 3  Blue Jays 6

JAYS WIN, JAYS WIN! Jays come back from down 2-0 and win the best of 5. Jays are going to the ALCS.

You know I'm not going to try to recap that mess, right?

We are going to the next round, that's all that matters.

Also I really love Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and well, all the other Jays.

The top of the 7th was absolutely nuts. I'm not sure I can explain it all.

Aaron Sanchez come in, replacing Marcus Stroman (who was great), with the score tied. He gave up a lead off single, to, of course, Roughed Odor. Chris Gimenez bunted him to second. He got to third on a Delino DeShields ground out (great play by Josh Donaldson). Then it got weird.

After a pitch to Shin-Soo Chin, Russell Martin, when trying to throw the ball back, got Chin's bat/hand. Now a strange bunch of happenings all at once happened. Odor came running home. The ump sent him back. Rangers argued. And the umps had to overturn it.

Jays argued more, the umps looked at the replay to review. After a long review, they upheld the call of the run scoring. Jays protested.

Now the umpire really really shouldn't have called time, but how many know the rule for the catcher hitting the batter with the threw back the mound.

The Jays, thought, hoped that when the ump called time, the play was over. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. If (and it does happen) an umpire calls time while a play is in progress, the game continues until the play ends.

But, it seemed unfair. It was sort of unfair, but if the ump hadn't called time, the run would have scored.

Fans littered the field with everything (and hit fans below them with what they were throwing. Throwing stuff on the field is always wrong. Always. The only thing it can do is a) hurt someone and b) get the home team a forfeit.

Any the inning, after a long time, ended. Going into the bottom of the 7th, it looked bad.

Amazingly, in the bottom of the inning, the Rangers were the ones that were rattled. Russell Martin reached by error on Andrus. Kevin Pillar reached on a Mitch Williams error. Ryan Goins reached on another Elvis Andrus error. Bases loaded by errors.

Ben Revere, looking a little to hyped up, ground into a 3-2 putout at the plate. Dalton Pompey slid into the catcher, and there was a replay review, but Dalton did no wrong.

Josh Donaldson popped a very short popout to second but Odor, instead of turning and running to do, tried backing up and missed it. But, Revere, of course, had to stick close to first, and he was forced out at second. The good news is Pillar scored. Game tied.

Then Jose Bautista hit the ball a mile. A 3-run homer and we go from down by one and sad and angry, to up by 3 and well, thrilled. I jumped up and down forever. Jose's bat flip was epic.

After that, Aaron Sanchez came back out (Gibby should have replaced him, he was sitting forever. He got one out, but had two guys on base.

Thankfully, Roberto Osuna came in and had as easy a 5-out save as you will see. What an amazing performance.

Before all that:

  • Marcus Stromanwas a little shaky to start, but got it together and pitched a good game. He gave up a run in the first and a solo Chin homer in the 3rd. In all, 6 inn gins, 6 hits, 2 earned, 1 walk 4 strikeouts.
  • We scored one in the 3rd, Revere singled and Bautista doubled him home.
  • And one in the 6th (to tied), Edwin Encarnacion clubbed a solo homer.
  • Kevin Pillar made an amazing catch, in the 4th.
JoD: Osuna (.124), Stroman (.084), Bautista (.407) and Edwin (.247).

No one (well, maybe the plate umpire, but, in the end it was the right call) gets a suckage, because I love everyone right now.  Oh, and Suckage Awards to all that said series over after the first two games.

We had amazing GameThreads. They went nuts at the right moments. I'll add the leader board in a few.


We had 3491 comments. DangYouToHeck led us to victory. Thanks to everyone in the threads. They went off the rails a couple of times, but I'm always indebted to you all for being so great.

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