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Outside perspectives on a crazy game

After that crazy AL Divisional series, I am quite lost for words. It will take a bit of time to actually gather my thoughts and write something interesting about the Blue Jays again, so I thought I'd steal other people's thoughts in the meantime.

Bat. Flipped.
Bat. Flipped.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

When your favourite team is playing and something crazy happens, like a certain incredible inning for example, it can be hard to get a good perspective on what just happened. So in order to get a grip on things, I thought I'd go around the SBNation network's National League sites and collect some thoughts from the fans of other teams.

Bleed Cubbie Blue:

bat flips are a beautiful thing

and celebrated in Korea, Japan, and Latin America. White MLB is all uptight and "old school." Have some fun, flip the bat, it’s a game.

Exactly my thoughts on the bat flip. I don't get why basketball players on the same continent get to show off with ridiculous dunks, but in baseball emotions have to be kept in check. Or else you'll probably get hit with a hard object thrown at a dangerously high velocity, because that is all very mature. I like how in football, ahem - soccer, players only show restraint in goal celebrations when they score against their former club. And even if they do, it's not something anyone gets upset about. Get upset about your own performance, and improve.

Amazin Avenue:

Also want Mets vs. Jays

In a perfect world, there would be a Matz vs. Stroman game. And Game 7 would be Thor vs. Dixkey, which the Mets would win 1-0 on a homer by TdA.

Other than the outcome, sign me up for that. You know who does good batflips? Yoenis Cespedes, is who.

True Blue LA:

Dale Scott was at home plate when this happened too

That is crazy. We Blue Jays fans wouldn't have thought of that connection.


I’m not a big fan of silly celebrating but when you hit the biggest home run in the last 22 years for your team, you damn well can admire it, and flip that bat anywhere and as far as you want.

I wouldn't have cared if Bautista

took his shirt off and started running around the bases and doing cartwheels. That was an awesome moment.

That last suggestion has me wondering how Bautista could possibly top this moment if he were to hit an even bigger home run. Best not worry about that until the situation actually arises, I guess.

Viva el Birdos:

The real question is

Why is "the right way" to play football, basketball, hockey, and soccer to actually celebrate your achievements on the field, but the "right way" to play baseball is to pretend they didn’t actually happen?

That's what I said! Except this guy said it first. Oh well.

Bucs Dugout

Craziest part . . .

Harold Reynolds got it right immediately.

I’m also amazed there’s a rule that specifically covers this.

You think you've seen the craziest of crazy things to happen in a Blue Jays game and then the same inning....

And there goes Joey Bats

Thanks Pirates

It's so very strange to think of Jose Bautista as a player who at one point in his career was not a Toronto Blue Jay. He was the first star player in the post-Halladay era of Toronto Blue Jays baseball. Who else than Jose to hit the three-run bomb to win the ALDS?

McCovey Chronicles:

Accidents like that, that conceivably could be done on purpose by a really good actor on the opposing team should result in dead balls

The sane decision, in my opinion, would be to neither punish Shin-Soo Choo, nor punish the Blue Jays by allowing the run. If the Blue Jays had lost on the insane accident that was Russell Martin's throw into Choo's bat, I don't think I could have forgiven the baseball gods for a long time.

I can’t understand any of the descriptions of plays that GameDay is giving me. That’s how crazy what’s going on must be.

I think this provides a nice perspective on just how crazy the seventh inning really was.

Time to close out with a great quote from SBNation's Grant Brisbee:

The baseball gods are on peyote and throwing flaming furniture off the roof, and there isn't a damned thing we can do about it.

The inning just ended. You can watch the whole brilliant mess here.

Please send help.

Usually, I loathe days with no Blue Jays baseball. Now? I need the break. It's been too frigging intense and the human body and mind can only handle so much. Time out, please. Time out.