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Buy Jose Bautista ALDS bat flip t-shirt

No caption necessary.
No caption necessary.

One of the wonders of the modern world is the speed with which we can turn an iconic moment like Jose Bautista's bat flip into a screenprinted t-shirt in less than 24 hours.

Link to purchase t-shirt (MEN's)

Link to purchase t-shirt (WOMEN's)

Jose Bautista Bat Flip

Minutes after Bautista hit the home run that led the Blue Jays to their ALDS win--after I finished screaming and high fiving and jumping around--I sent a quick message to our friends at Breaking T and asked for a t-shirt to be designed. We went back and forth throughout the night and this morning and finally have a product that is ready to be screenprinted and shipped out.

When you click on this link to buy the t-shirt Breaking T records Bluebird Banter as the referrer and so we will get a bit of money from each sale so if you choose to get a t-shirt please do choose to use that exact link. The money will come directly to us (more precisely to me) so none of it passes through SB Nation or anyone else's hands, and it'll go, in part, to funding all the cheese doodles we consume in a baseball season.

There's a couple of other t-shirts you may be interested in--if you buy three it ships for free!

...It's Kevin Pillar!

Link to purchase Kevin Pillar t-shirt

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Link to purchase Canada's Foul Balls t-shirt