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The Annual Championship Series Prediction Contest

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First, lets give a round of applause to the winners of our Divisional Series Contests. Unfortunately, our lovely, wonderful, SB Nation Lawyers want me to point out that you don't actually win a prize, but you do win the awe of you site mates.

In the ALDS thread, many had both the Blue Jays and Royals winning but only 1 person had both series going to a full 5 games. mbristol, take bow. Excellent job. I'll note that he picked Osuna to be Jays MVP (good pick, Bautista led our poll, but Osuna was great too) and Zobrist to be the MVP for the Royals. Zobrist had a good series too, hitting .333/.381/.389, not quite MVP but pretty good,

In the NLDS series, not a lot of people picked both the Mets and Cubs (a surprising number of people picked the Jays in the NL thread, gotta love the enthusiasm) , but Supersive did and he also had the Mets win in 5 and the Cubs in 4. He also figured Jacob deGrom to be the Mets MVP and I think that's a pretty good choice, since he won both his starts, including the big game 5 start. His Cubs pick of Addison Russell doesn't look as good but can't get them all. Take a bow Supersive.

On to the Championship Series. Lets again pick winner, number of games and series MVP. Remember they are 7 game series this time.

In the AL we have the Jays and Royals.

I'm taking the Jays in 6. Total runs 58. And, though I always say never bet against Jose Bautista, I'm going to pick Edwin for my series MVP. He just looked so locked in for the ALDS.

In the NL we have the Mets and Cubs.

It should be a heck of a series. I'm picking Mets in 7 and 55 runs. MVP? Who could bet against a Norse God, so Noah Syndergaard (with just a little sadness in my voice) is my MVP pick.