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Blue Jays win ALCS Game 3: That's more like it

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A win!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 8 Blue Jays 11

That's more like it.

The bats came back.

11 hits, 6 walks, 3 home runs and 11 runs.

We got a big lead early, thank you Jays. It got a little closer than we would have liked, by the end, but a win is a win.

We got 3 runs in the 2nd. Troy Tulowitzki had a 1 out single, followed by Russell Martin getting hit, right on the elbow pad, with a pitch. Even after it knocked his elbow pad off, the incredibly impartial Harold Reynolds was telling us it hit Russell's bat (can you tell I'm tired of him?). A ground out force at second, by Kevin Pillar (great hustle down the line saved us from a double play). Ryan Goins hit a 2-run single. And, after a Ben Revere walk, Josh Donaldson knocked in another run with a single.

We scored 6 more in the 3rd. An Edwin Encarnacion single and Chris Colabello walk, set up Tulowitzki's 3-run homer to dead center. Then Martin walked, Kevin Pillar doubled him home, ending Johnny Cueto's night. A couple of outs later, Donaldson hit one out, a 2-run shot.

We scored one more in the 5th, a no doubter home run by Ryan Goins. And 1 more in the 8th, Bautista got a birthday RBI.

Ryan had a great game, going 2 for 4 with a home run, 3 RBI and several nice plays in the field.

Marcus Stroman wasn't great, but then he didn't need to be. He got a rather unfair earned run in the first. Alcides Escobar led off with a sinking line drive to right that Bautista dived for (when he really shouldn't have) and turned a single into a triple. A ground ball scored him. He gave up 3 more runs, but, by then the game was well in hand. He gave up too many hits, 11, and 4 earned runs,but without the misplay by Bautista and a misplay by Colabello on what should have been an inning ending double play, but, a little slowness on Chris' part turned it into just a force. He had just  1 walk and just 1 strikeout, in 6.1 innings. Once Marcus got the big lead, it looked like he was just throwing strikes and using his defense.

And his defense was very good. Kevin Pillar made a great catch on ball hit to the track and had a couple of other good plays. And Ryan Goins was terrific with the glove.

Aaron Sanchez finished off the 7th inning quickly. Mark Lowe pitched a three up three down 8th.

Liam Hendriks had troubles in the 9th, giving up 3 singles,getting just 1 out. Roberto Osuna came in and quickly gave up a 3-run homer, just to make us sweat. But he got a ground out (on a very nice play by Goins) and a ground out to Josh Donaldson to end the game.

Troy Tulowitzki got thrown out of the game, in the top of the 8th. He was rung up, in the bottom of the 7th, on a ball that looked just off the plate and he complained. Up by 6...I think you walk away. In between innings, Plate Umpire John Hirschbeck  and he had more words and Troy was gone. Umpires have a much shorter fuse in a blow out, sort of 'why should I put up with anything, I just want the game to end?'

Jays of the Day: Goins (.203 WPA), Tulo (.174) and Donaldson (.117).

We had 2,626 comments in the GameThread (with no Royals' trolls, thank you). Belisarius led us to victory. Good job sir.

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