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Friday Bantering: News on Troy Tulowitzki, David Price

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There are little bits of Blue Jays news out there:

  • John Gibbons told MLB Radio that Troy Tulowitzki could play tonight "if all goes well" but definitely will play tomorrow. It's kind of nice to have a player come back from the DL in the time frame that the Jays suggested after the diagnosis. Having him back will make things much easier on Gibby as far as filling out the lineup cards. Clive Pennington hasn't looked great on throws lately. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'd hate to lose a playoff game off a bad throw. And I'm not excited about the idea of Munenori Kawasaki playing. It also saves us one guy that would need to be pinch hit for during late innings of close games.
  • The Jays have decided to give David Price the last 3 games off, making sure that he's totally rested for the first game of the playoffs. He'll pitch a simulated game, as rust prevention. I know Zaun doesn't like the move, but Price has thrown 220 innings this year, I'm thinking that having a week off won't hurt him.
  • I love this quote from Gibby:

I get that people are all worked up about finishing first in the AL, but we have a lot of players that played everyday for the last few months, I'd like them to get time to feel 100% before the playoffs start.