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Troy Tulowitzki returns to Blue Jays lineup Friday evening

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After not playing for 20 days due to a cracked shoulder induced in a collision, Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki will be returning to the starting lineup in Friday evening's game against the Tampa Bay Rays down in Tropicana Field. Tulowitzki had suffered a cracked left shoulder blade when he collided with centre fielder Kevin Pillar's chin in a game against the Yankees.

Tulowitzki, who has hit just .232/.314/.368 in 40 games since he was traded to Toronto, will bat seventh to ease him back into the lineup. His presence noticeably lengthens the lineup against Rays right hander Erasmo Ramirez, giving the Blue Jays arguably the best 7-8-9 hitters in the majors.

On Friday afternoon, Tulowitzki stood in the batter's box to face David Price in a simulated game situation in which he struck out against David Price, who needed the work after being told he will not have another start until the ALDS. However, he did get a couple of hits against minor leaguers Jon Harris and Daniel Young.

The first game of the final regular season series begins at 7:10 pm. Troy Tulowitzki will be making is Tropicana Field debut.