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Video: Johnny Cueto looks to have tried to knee Kevin Pillar in the face

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the madness of last night's huge win for the Blue Jays was a bit of a shady play by none other than Johnny Cueto. The former Reds ace is known as a player with a bit of a temper, considering he was suspended for kicking some opposing players in a brawl a few years back. It turns out that he enjoys doing most of his damage with his legs as he showed once again last night. While many people missed it in the hysteria of the wild second inning, David Price certainly didn't:

As Ryan Goins knocked a Cueto off-speed pitch to left field, Kevin Pillar came rumbling home to grab the lead for the Blue Jays. Cueto was correctly backing up the play at home and happened to be standing right where Kevin Pillar ended up sliding towards. Then the Royals pitcher's leg miraculously moves in a strange way, making it look very similar to what most people would consider an attempt to knee the Toronto center fielder's head.

Look at the :10 and :32 points of this video and make your best guess as to what Cueto was trying to do:

So the plot thickens...