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More on last night's game

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If there was something I'd change in baseball, it would be how official scorers award errors. Last night, if I was the official I would have given out 3 errors.

  • First batter of the game, Alcides Escobar his a line drive to right. Jose Bautista comes up a little short on the dive and the ball gets past him for a "triple". To me, that should have been a single and a 2-base error. Bautista didn't have the range to make the catch,so yeah a single, but he really had to keep the ball in front of him. If he would have played it on a hop, it would have been an easy single. But instead, runner gets to third and scores on a ground out. Stroman gets an earned run, that he didn't really earn. Bautista makes a mistake, but the official scorer decides the mistake isn't an error.
  • In the third, Royals have runners on the corners, one out, with the good guys up by 2. We were looking for the double play. It looked like Stroman got his double play ball, Chris Colabello picks up the grounder, on the move towards second, but, for some reason, decides to watch the runner score before throwing to second. Tulowitzki still throws to first and almost gets the the double play, which would have erased the run. Baseball has this 'you can't assume a double play' thing, but really, of course you can assume there would have been a double play. If Colabello had made the throw jut a little quicker, it would have been a fairly easy double play. It was a mistake, but apparently not an error. Again, Marcus gets an earned run that really wasn't.
  • Ninth inning, runner on first, Ben Zobrist grounds one to first base, almost right at Justin Smoak at first and it goes under his glove. It was hit hard, and Harold Reynolds suggested it didn't bounce up, more skipped, it's one of those things that happen, but it is a play that should be made. Instead of the second out, it's called a double. And, it's hard to believe it wasn't an error. It cost Liam Hendriks an earned run and, likely, he wouldn't have come out of the game.
None of it really matters, Jays win, but I'd kind of like the boxscore to tell a truer story of what happened .

On the whole, the defense was very good.

This might have been the best play

But this one was pretty good too: