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Today in horrible puns: food ideas for Rogers Centre

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Inspired by complaints to Blue Jays senior vice president, business operations Stephen Brooks about food choice at the Rogers Centre and this comment by @james_in_to, here are some suggestions for food items that can be added to the Rogers Centre menu:

  • Justin Smoaked Meat Sandwiches
  • Ryan Tempura
  • Dinner Navarro
  • Josh Guacathole
  • Matt Haguen-Dazs
  • Marcus Stro-ganoff
  • Stew Hutchison
  • David Rice
  • Bread Cecil
  • Aaron Soup
  • Cliff Penne-ton
  • Cod Redmond
  • Steve Dela-candy-bar
  • Mark Lowe-fat Yogurt
  • Jose Bowtiepasta (via @GrubersMullet)
  • Edwin Encarnitas (via @HeyMyNameIsWill)
  • Rogan Josh Donaldson (via @itsgettinglate)
  • Marco Tostadas (via @Every5thDay)
And to wash it down:
  • Demarlo Ale
  • Troy Tulowhiskey
  • Liam Hendriks' Gin
  • John Gibbons' Finest (via Gibbons' Finest)

No, I will not apologize for these horrible puns. I'm trying to cheer you up before today's game. GO JAYS GO!