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Jays win ALCS Game 5: Terrific start from Marco Estrada

We are going to have a Game 6!

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 1 Blue Jays 7

Marco Estrada was just amazing. 7.2 innings, just 3 hits, 2 of them in the 8th inning, along with the 1 run he gave up, a solo homer, with 1 walk and 5 strikeouts.. He faced the minimum through 6 innings. That was good for a 73 Game Score for Marco.

Aaron Sanchez finished off the 8th, on 8 pitches, giving up a single. Roberto Osuna pitched a quick 9th, on 5 pitches.

It was a pitchers duel through 5 innings. We scored 1 run in the 2nd, a Chris Colabello homer. Then nothing until the 6th, when we finally got to Edinson Volquez.

In the 6th, Ben Revere started us off with a walk (he really needs to get on base more). Then Josh Donaldson was hit by pitch. After that, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion had great at bats, leading to a walk each and our second run. Chris Colabello struck out, but Troy Tulowitzki followed with the big hit of the game, a 3-run double.

We got another run in the 7th, on back-to-back doubles from Donaldson and Bautista (Jose missed a home run by just a couple of feet.

And we got 1 more in the 8th, Tulowitzki had a single and scored on Kevin Pillar's double. Pillar was thrown out trying to turn his double into a triple, thankfully Tulo was running hard from first, scoring before Pillar was tagged for the 3rd out.

Jays of the Day: Estrada (.381 WPA). No one else had the number, but I'm giving one to Tulo for the 3-run double.

No Suckage Jays.

Marco was so good, we really didn't have any great defensive plays behind him, but the defense was good today, making all the plays.

Two more wins and we are in the World Series. It won't be easy but we are still in it.

David Price threw a bit in the pen, causing some excitement. It should be his side day, I'm ok with him using his side session to possibly warm, in case we needed him. And I was ok with the idea of him throwing 10-20 pitches today, if needed.

We had 2,022 comments in the GameThreads. Spockster led us to victory. Great job.

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