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Thursday Bantering: Price

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Stuff like this bugs me, Jeff Passan writes a column telling us how bad the Jays have treated David Price, because he threw some pitches in the bullpen yesterday.

I don't get how reporters forget that this is the playoffs. Pitchers are asked to do things that, during the regular season, they'd never be asked to do. It is just the way it is. Last year. World Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner got the save, in game 7, pitching 5 innings, on just 2 days of rest. Randy Johnson pitched in relief in the 2001, after going 7 innings the day before. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or something.

Does anyone really think that throwing a few pitches in the bullpen Wednesday will really change how he can pitch Friday?

Forget the question of whether the Blue Jays did wrong by a pitcher certain to leave this offseason. As unethical as that sounds, all 29 other teams put themselves ahead of individuals - and Toronto did give him ample rest during the regular season - so the Blue Jays aren't unique there. And don't compare this to Madison Bumgarner in Game 7 of the World Series last year. He didn't have another game to start. This is a unique scenario in which the puppet master pulled an unnecessary string and the puppet accommodated.

First of all....certain to leave? I'd like to think that he's not certain to leave. Alex Anthopoulos talked to Jeff Blair, this morning, and said that the Jays would like to keep Price. It's very possible he leaves. Certain? I don't know.

Puppet master? I know the point is to insult Gibby at every opportunity, but isn't that a little on the silly side. I wasn't thrilled with Price going in, back in R.A. Dickey's ALDS start, with just 1 guy on base and 2 outs in the inning. And then leaving him out there for 50 pitches when we had a big lead. But, having him ready, in case a few guys got on base seems reasonable.

I do get that people have a vested interest in trying to tell us that Gibby is always wrong, but, to me, having Price get ready, in case something happened, seems like a reasonable idea. They need to win one game at a time.

Course I do understand that if Price has a less than great game Friday, it will be Gibby's fault. I guess that's why managers get paid.

For what it is worth, Alex said that Price isn't unhappy with how he's been used. I don't imagine he would be, he's still in the playoffs. Of course, I'm not sure that Alex would tell us if he was unhappy.

I keep hearing that the Jays are a home run team and the Royals are a doubles team, and the Jays will have to change their swings to win. Other than it is kind of silly to expect the team to change the way they swing for game 6 of the ALCS, the Jays did lead the league in doubles this year.

We hit 308 doubles, Royals were second with 303. The Royals also play in the 3rd best park in the AL for doubles (behind Progressive Field in Cleveland and Fenway Park in Boston), so that likely plays into their 2nd place finish.

I really hate the idea that some have that the Jays have to swing the bats different. 'Don't swing so hard'. 'If they weren't so selfish they would swing softer'. I'd rather they do what got them here, try to have good at bats, don't chase, try to make solid contact.

Jeff Sullivan has a good look at the final pitch of Jose Bautista's at bat in the 6th inning of yesterday's win. I think, in the long run, if you are a Jays fan, that was a ball, if you are a Royals fan, it was a strike. I think it could have been called either way, but it did look more like a ball too me (Jays fan).

Kristina Rutherford has a nice breakdown of yesterday's 6th inning.