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Poll time: Would you make a switch in the leadoff spot?

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Over at Grantland, Jonah Keri has '3 things the Jays must do to win the ALCS'. Two of them 'Handle KC's left-handed bats in late innings' and 'Win the RISP war', well we can't do much about, other than hope.

The third one: Get better production from the leadoff spot, well that one we could talk about.

After a pretty good ALDS (Ben Revere hit .304/.333/.304) against the Rangers, he's not hitting at all (.158/.273/.158) in the ALCS. Small samples and all, but it would be nice if he would get on base. Of course, tonight he might go 4 for 4 and we'll all be happy.

Gibby could move a suddenly hot Troy Tulowitzki back into the leadoff spot. Troy didn't hit at all (.095/.174/.238) in the ALDS, but has found his bat (.368/.368/.632) in the ALCS. I think Tulo is the better choice for leadoff anyway. I thought Gibby was right when he had Troy batting at the top of the order right after the trades, but he wasn't hitting, so they madethe switch.

If it was the regular season, I'd put Dalton Pompey in and give him a few games to see what he can do, but I wouldn't do that in game 6 of the ALCS. I think Pompey's defense would be better, or at least he would take a straighter line to fly balls, though, even with Revere visiting various different time zones when chasing a ball, he does seem to always make the catch. But,  no way would I make the switch now.

It's pretty tough making a change at this point, but it might spark something, you never know. Course, if Gibby makes the change, and they lose, he'll get complaints, but then he'll get complaints anyway.

Let's have the poll, what would you do?