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Jose Bautista's Heroics Not Enough As Blue Jays Season Ends

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In what was a great game, no matter what team you cheer for, the Blue Jays season ends in disappointment.

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Blue Jays 3 Royals 4

It was a situation you couldn't have imagined setting up any better. Josh Donaldson. Tying and go-ahead runs in scoring position. But in the end, in a season that has revitalized a fan base and probably even created a new batch of fans, there would be no joy in Jaysville.

You could talk about the strike two calls to Ben Revere and Dioner Navarro. You could talk about the disputed home run call in the second inning on Mike Moustakas's home run. You could talk about the 3-2 pitch call to Lorenzo Cain. You could talk about Ryan Goins not getting down the bunt.

But in the end, the Jays had their best player up at the plate with the game on the line against the Royals best pitcher. And after Jose Bautista's two-run home run in the eighth inning, the heroics weren't there.

The Jays had their chances. They were 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position. They get one of those hits, and we're still talking about baseball. If not tonight, then tomorrow night. A team that had no trouble scoring runs in the regular season couldn't get a big hit in those spots.

A lot of the talk going into Game Six between the Blue Jays and Royals was about David Price. Price was acquired to win big games for the Blue Jays and, well, he hasn't done that in the post-season. It didn't look great early as Price allowed solo home runs to the second batters in the first and second innings.

You could dispute the second home run, but in my opinion, even if the glove was slightly into play, the angle of the ball looked like it would have gone over the wall even if it had hit the wall first. In the end, they checked it and that's all you could ask in that situation. This isn't a Jeffrey Maier situation. In this situation, the call on the field had to stand. I'm sure a lot of Jays fans will disagree, but I don't feel robbed.

Price was great. He didn't get the win, but it's good to see him not get the loss. If this is the last we see of Price in a Jays uniform, you couldn't ask for much more.

I'm struggling for the words to write. I know this is a game recap but as disappointed as I am about the game, the season was incredible. It brought us October baseball. It brought us some Jose Bautista home runs we will never forget even if the season didn't have the happy ending we all wanted.

I wasn't expecting Donaldson to ground out to third. Not after Dalton Pompey stole second and third. You figured they would get it done. The Jays were a hit away from forcing Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. I can see being disappointed, angry, or sad. I have felt all three within the last 15 minutes. I'm choosing to be happy for the ride, even though it came to an end sooner than any of us would have liked.

Jays of the Day: No numbers needed. Bautista and Pompey were great. So was Price. Martin's hit. Pillar's walk.

No Jays Suckage today.