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Saturday Bantering: The Morning After

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The last few weeks have been so emotional, stressful, exciting, I feel kind of emotionally spent. I'm sure, in a few days, I'll be able to look back at them with a bit more emotional detachment, but, right now I just feel drained by it all.

There really is nothing better than playoff baseball. It has been far too long since I've cared so much about every pitch, every at bat, every moment. I really hope I don't have to wait another 22 years to feel that again.

One of the things I have always wanted to see was Jose Bautista play in the playoffs, and he didn't disappoint at all. He came to the Jays soon after I started writing on the site, and it was been a fun journey, watching him grow from a guy that should only play against lefties, to seeing him leadoff , watching him find that power stroke, become an All-Star and the face of the organization. I've always thought that the best part of baseball is watching young players learn the game on the field. Learn from their mistakes, grow confidence. Watching his career has been so much fun.

Don Cherry is tweeting that it is all a conspiracy, that MLB didn't want the Jays to make the World Series and that's why there was a couple of bad calls against the Jays.

Don never fails in coming up with the most stupid of comments.

The umpire waited until the tying run was at third base, and then remembered that he couldn't let the Jays win, so he made a bad call on a pitch. It seems like, if he was being paid off, he took a big chance. It seems to stretch the suspension of disbelief a little too far.

Tom Verducci tells us that David Price was tipping his pitches, or at least tipping his changeup.

Ben Revere talks to Arden Zwelling about the bad call in his at bat. I would like to take a peak into an alternate universe in which the umpire made the right call in that spot.

And Arden Zwelling also talks to Troy Tulowitzki about his surprise at being traded. Both of these links have irritating autoplaying video, so turn down your speakers or you'll get a shock like I did.

John Lott has a nice profile on Gibby.

It really was a great season, and it was made all the better by having you all to share it with. Thanks everyone. Not that we are shutting off until spring. There will be a lot of looking back at our 2015 season and looking forward to 2016.