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Open Thread for Alex Anthopoulos year end press conference

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Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Alex is to speak to the media this morning, if you are watching, join us here. Sportsnetis showing it here.

Here is some of what he had to say:

  • Jay Stenhouse noted Mike Rutsey is retiring.
  • Alex talks about what a fun year it was for everyone working for the Jays.
  • He thanked the fans.
  • He announced right off the top, that they won't talk about his status.
  • Did you learn anything about the team as far as being a playoff team? Answer No. We learned about the type of players we want: Make up, character, "all about the team".
  • "0 for 12 with RISP" that's what it came down too, it happens.
  • "Royals earned it". Termemdously run organization.
  • Can you make a deal now? "We are doing things the way we always have".
  • Ownership learned about revenue from a winning team, will it be easier to get money from Rogers? That's up to people above us to talk to Rogers about.
  • Rotation: Talked up R.A. Dickey, sounds like he would like to keep him.
  • Offense changes: "We had a tremendous offense". "We won't rule out any changes". "There will be players out there that we think our upgrades". "We will try to get better".
  • Will you be careful about trading minor leaguers? "Always. In a perfect world you keep all your young players."  "We will be open minded about anything."
  • How quickly does the club have to sign you? "We have a lot of things to get done, this will be on the list."
  • Price: "He was great for us". "Huge part of us getting to the post season". "We'd love him to be back." "I think we'll be in the game."
  • Not sure if Sanchez or Osuna will join the rotation next year. Not ready to commit.
  • Outfield?  Saunders: monitor health. Dalton made tremendous strides. We have depth there, Ben did a great job. Saunders and Pompey have great upsides.
  • Gap between Jays and top teams? "We had the talent to win the whole thing, we just didn't." Continue to focus on character.
  • "We'd like to have Estrada back and he'd like to be back."
  • GM job: "There is always a lot to do." Calendar drives you.
  • John Gibbons and coaching staff: "Not my place to speak for Mark (Shapiro)". John got Chris Colabello up. He didn't complain when he had 2 corner infielders in the outfield. John and staff kept the club house on an even keel all season.
  • Defense was the number one thing we had to address during the season. Not worried about not having many lefties in the batting order. We had a great club this year. We got close.
  • Marco Estrada playoff? We were thrilled he had those playoff starts.
  • Goins and Travis? It is a position of depth, we'll let those two compete in spring training. Travis was great, we tend to forget. Goins is tremendous defensively.We'll let them compete.
  • You status: My status had no impart on how things were done. We don't want to talk contracts during playoff time.
  • The team changed the way the target players: Character has become more important.
  • Alex says he saw Paul Beeston after the last game of the playoffs.
  • Mentioned the 0 for 12 again. We have a great club.
  • A lot of great things were accomplished this year.
  • Payroll? "We are in a different place than last year." Lineup and bullpen are strengths, we need to work on rotation.
  • We will have financial flexibility, but have fewer needs.
  • In talking about rotation, Drew Hutchison wasn't mentioned.
  • No timeline on Alex' contract.
  • Loves Toronto.
  • Talks about clubhouse culture and character again.
  • The 5 year rule? Danced around it, up to the CEO.
  • Any regrets: Wish we got a hit with a man on third. Beyond that no. He tried to enjoy it (playoffs).
  • John Gibbons: Not once was there a discussion of making a change at manager this season. Handled the club house well, handled the media well. Thought he did a great job.
All done.