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Edwin Encarnacion had an operation

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Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports


The Jays sent out a press release:

DH/1B EDWIN ENCARNACION underwent successful surgery today to repair a Core Injury (Sports Hernia). He is expected to be a full participant at spring training.

So, now we know....

I knew Edwin Enccarnacion was dealing with some finger issues, at the end of the season, but apparently he was dealing with more than that.

He posted this to his instagram:

Edwin surgery

I have no idea what the surgery was for, but Edwin does say that all went well. I'm happy to hear that.

Edwin had a pretty decent playoff run, hitting .275/.383/.400 in the 11 games. He only had the 1 home run but is something major was bothering him, he hid it pretty well.

Edwin has had back troubles in the past, maybe this has something to do with that. Both hands are in view it, whatever it surgery was, it wasn't to do with that. Course, at the end of a long season, it could be almost anything. He couldn't really take a couple of weeks off to during the season to have minor surgery (he says, hoping that this was minor surgery.

Anyway, if anyone knows what the surgery was, let us know.