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2015 AL East champions: the greatest moments part 4

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After a disappointing loss to the Rays, perhaps the last part of the greatest moments of the 2015 AL East championship series will cheer us up a little. This one is about all the highlights that didn't fit into the previous three installments.

Your 2015 AL East champions!
Your 2015 AL East champions!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Edwin Encarnacion clubs three homers in one game

Edwin Encarnacion got a hattrick against the Detroit Tigers, showcasing a full repertoire of home runs, one moonshot, one line drive homer and an opposite field shot that only just cleared the fences. Edwin hit another home run the very next day, for good measure. Over the last four seasons, EE has been incredibly consistent, in each of those seasons he was at least 45% better than the average hitter, and 51% better at most. It would be awesome if he could hit his 40th home run of the season today.

Awesome baserunning

Josh Donaldson took a page out of Kevin Pillar's book on pulling off superman dives and evading the catcher's tag at home plate. Not only are the Blue Jays the very best at hitting, they're also 5th in MLB in baserunning, according to Fangraphs.

This may have been as much about Carlos Santana's bad decision making as it was about Pillar's solid baserunning, but Pillar definitely showed some nice moves getting back to third safely.

Well you don't see that very often. Don't let Troy's stoic look deceive you; even he doesn't do this every day.

Devon Travis' breakout

Before a shoulder injury cut short his season, Devon Travis was playing like he could challenge Jason Kipnis for best second baseman in the AL and Francisco Lindor and Carlos Correa for AL Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately we'll have to wait a year to see if Devon Travis can be a power bat from the middle infield for a full season.

Justin Smoak hitting for power

Even though he's supposed to be the left-handed part of a platoon at first base, Smoak's biggest blast off the season came batting right-handed against southpaw reliever Robbie Ross of the Boston Red Sox.

Chris Colabello, enigma

If Smoak is supposed to crush righties, then hits his biggest bomb off a lefty, then you already know what's up here. Yup, Chris Colabello hit the moonshot shown above off a righty named Aaron Brooks, and that was his hardest and furthest hit homer on the year. Still sporting a .412 BABIP, Colabello is a mystery both in when he will come back to earth and in when he'll appear in lineups. The debate must go on!?

Jose Bautista versus the Orioles

One of the #narratives of the Toronto Blue Jays is that you should never, ever, makes Jose Bautista angry. And it's probably not what the young, unfortunate Orioles reliever wanted do, but he sure faced the consequences. Don't mess with Jose Bautista.

Sun attacks Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

The Blue Jays got help from an unlikely ally in this game, as the sun attacked the Red Sox fielders at their home field. It inspired a pretty awesome gif by a guy calling himself m0nky on Reddit.

Alfredo Simon plunking Edwin

Alfredo Simon, unhappy with Encarnacion hitting everything out of the park, plunked the slugger with a 46 mph pitch. What a thug! The Blue Jays did not "protect their player" by retaliating, nor was Simon ejected, even though both benches had been warned earlier in the game.

Dioner Navarro and helmets

You'd have to figure that a guy who goes after helmets as much as Navarro does, he'd know which one to wear himself.

Jose Reyes having fun

Jose Reyes might have seen his production in the field and at the plate decline sharply, but he was still a very solid player in his time with the Blue Jays. I, for one, like it when baseball players have fun on the field, and I don't think that it impacted Jose Reyes' play negatively at all.

Blue Jays clinch AL East

This series can not end in any other way than with the clinching of the AL East and ensuing celebration. Congratulations to all the Blue Jays players, staff and fans!