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Tuesday Bantering: Playoff roster news

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


We have the full roster now:

Starting Pitchers (4)
David Price, LHP
R.A. Dickey, RHP
Marcus Stroman, RHP
Marco Estrada, RHP

Relief Pitchers (7)
Roberto Osuna, RHP
Aaron Sanchez, RHP
Brett Cecil, LHP
Mark Lowe, RHP
Liam Hendriks, RHP
LaTroy Hawkins, RHP
Aaron Loup, LHP

Position Players (9)
Russell Martin, C
Justin Smoak, 1B
Ryan Goins, 2B
Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Josh Donaldson, 3B
Ben Revere, LF
Kevin Pillar, CF
Jose Bautista, RF
Edwin Encarnacion, DH

Bench Players (5)
Dioner Navarro, C
Chris Colabello, 1B
Cliff Pennington, IF
Ezequiel Carrera, OF
Dalton Pompey, OF

Also the Jays announced that Marco Estrada gets the start in in game 3 and R.A. Dickey gets game 4. I really thought they would want 2 backup infielders with Tulo just back from the DL, but I guess they are satisfied that he is 100%.

Little bits of Blue Jays news this afternoon.

Gibby told Prime Time Sports that:

  • Marcus Stroman will be the starting pitcher in game two of the ALDS.
  • Dalton Pompey will be on the ALDS roster. I'd imagine that both he and Carrera will be on the roster.
  • Josh Thole won't be.
And more roster news:

Since Gibby said Pompey will be on the roster, it sounds like it would be Kawasaki or Carrera. Brendan Kennedy tweeted a picture of Kawasaki batting in a simulated game against R.A. Dickey in Toronto, I'm not sure if that means Muni is on the roster, or maybe they would like him on the bench even if he isn't on the roster.

MLB Trade rumors have their projected arbitration numbers up. The Jays have 9 arbitration eligible players. The number in brackets is their service time.

Brett Cecil (5.152)-$1.44MM...will be updated tonight
Michael Saunders (5.138) - $2.9MM
Justin Smoak (5.077) - $2.5MM
Ben Revere (4.149) - $6.7MM
Josh Thole (4.126) - $1.8MM
Josh Donaldson (3.158) - $12.0MM
Drew Hutchison (3.128) - $2.6MM
Aaron Loup (3.083) - $900K
Steve Delabar (3.008) - $700K

I'd guess that Delabar will be non-tendered. Michael Saunders' number is unchanged from this year. I'd love to see Josh Donaldson sign a 4-5 year contract before we get to arbitration.

Barry Davis tweeted this picture.

And tonight's lineups: