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Jays lose game one

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We'll get them tomorrow.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 5 Blue Jays 3

David Price didn't pitch like the ace we wanted when we traded for him. 7 innings, 5 hits, 2 home runs, 2 walks, 2 hit batters (his first hit batters as a Blue Jay) and 5 strikeouts.The 2 hit batters cost us big. Both times it was Roughed Odor and both times he scored. Brett Cecil and Aaron Sanchez both looked very good in relief.

I totally don't buy the 'he had too much time off' argument. He wasn't as good as he normally is, but he wasn't awful either. He was throwing harder than he has been in his past few starts.  One of the home runs was a wall scrapper and runs scored in the third because Goins moved towards second, expecting a pickoff play. If he stayed put, he gets an easy out.

Beyond that, we didn't hit enough. We didn't hit Gallardo. He went 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 earned, 1 walk, 1 strikeout. We should have done better. And we only got 1 run in 4 innings off the Rangers bullpen.

For a change I did a running recap, as the game went on, I doubt I'll do it again:

Top of the first: Price is reved up, having a hard time keeping it in the strike zone. Two walks, but fortunately a double play to get him out of the inning.

Bottom of the first: Weak fly outs for Revere and Donaldson and a pop out for Jose. Gallardo doesn't look that great, but we are just missing.

Top of the second:  Price strikes out the side: Napoli, Hamilton and Andrus.

Bottom of the second: Edwin fly out to medium deep center. Tulo gets our first ground out and Smoak gets our second.

Top of the third: Price hits Odor. Ground out moves him to second. Single by Deshields scores Odor, Goins moved towards second to keep Odor closer and the ground ball went right to where he was before moving. That bit of movement set up the inning. Ground out by Chin moves Deshields to second and Beltre singles him home, throw by Pillar was just a little late. Ground out ends the inning.

Beltre leaves the game with some sort of back injury.

Bottom of the third: Martin grounds out. Goins grounds out. And, surprise, Pillar grounds out to the pitcher. Some good at bats would be nice.

Top of the fourth: Price gets Napoli to strikeout, Hamilton pops up and a Andrus soft fly to right.

Bottom of the fourth: Revere gets us out first hit of the ball game. Donaldson walked. Bautista hit into what would have been a double play but Hanser Alberto, in for Beltre, bobbled the ball, just got the out at second. Donaldson took a knee to the head, sliding to break up the play. Then Alberto missed trying to bare hand a soft ground ball from Edwin, error and run scores. Tulowitzki got a rare high pitch and hit it to the track in center, Bautista to third. Smoak struck out, Bautista was bouncing around on the third base line.

Top of the fifth: Odor gets hit to start the inning, again. Chirinos followed with a wall scraper home run. Deshields bunted one to Price. Choo grounds out to short. Alberto grounds out to third.

Botton of the fifth: Jays need some runs. Marin starts things off with a hustle double. Goins grounds out to second, nice play by Odor. Pillar doubles, Martin scores. Revere ground hard to first, Napoli bobbles but gets the out. Donaldson comes out of the game, Ezequiel Carerra pinch hits, hits a bouncer to second, just out.

Donaldson's injury is very worrying. Hoping he's ok.

Top of the sixth: Fielder pops out to short center, nice play by Troy Tulowitzki. Napoli flies out to center. Hamilton strikes out.

Bottom of sixth: Gallardo out, Keone Kela in. Maybe we can hit him. Bautista can...he hit a home run. Edwin came within a few feet going back to back but it was just foul and then ground out. Tulo flies out to deep right center. Smoak struck out.

Top of the seventh: Andrus popped out. Odor lines a home run out to right. Pop out for Chirinos. DeShields hit a fly to left that went off Revere's glove, ruled double plus error. Choo flies out to Revere, deep, this one he catches.

Bottom of the seventh: Diekman in for the Rangers. Strikes out Martin on 3 pitches. Goins ground out to short, terrific play by Andrus. Pillar popped one to center.

Top of the eighth: Cecil in. He gets Alberto to ground out, Fielder to strikeout before a walk to Napoli. Hamilton ground out to short.

Bottom of the eighth: We really could use some runs. Revere strikes out to start the inning. Pennington flied out to right. And Bautista popped out.

Top of the ninth: Sanchez in....But big news, Jose Bautista out of the game, leg cramp or injury by the looks of things. Hoping it isn't series. Sanchez gets Odor to fly out, Andrus strikeout and a ground out Chirinos.

Bottom of the ninth: We need 2 runs. Sam Dyson in for the Rangers. Edwin singles up the middle. Tulo strikeout. Smoak hit a broken bat ground out, force at second. Martin ground out to end the game.

The big news of the game was that Andrian Beltre, Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista all left the game with injuries. Donaldson took a knee to the head trying to break up a double play (keep your head low when you slide into a bag kids), and left, but apparently he went through the concussion protocol and he passed so, hopefully, he will play tomorrow. It sounds like Bautista just had a cramp, he's supposed be able to play tomorrow too.

I'm sure we'll talk about this game more later.

Jays of the Day: Let's give it to Bautista for the home run.

Suckage: Price (-.267 WPA), Tulo (-.173, 0 for 4, 1 k) and Smoak (-.154, 0 for 4, 2k)

Let's get them tomorrow.

We had 2855 comments in 3 mostly good GameThreads (honestly folks, if you just want to come in to say 'game's over', just don't, it's been done to dead). spockster led the way, great job sir.

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